Tuesday, June 09, 2009


hye~heLLo!!are you all in gOod condition?gRrr!!!!!!i'm so sick of being stuck in this town...not because of i hate kelantan,but i hate for felt this way which is MISSING MY HOME....seriously.(fullstop)don't ask me why...
people would say this to me.."la...kan da biasa dok asrama...takkan la homesick lg kot??"huh!what da heck?is it wrong for anyone who miss their family?huh??answer me please???i've been here alone for 3 weeks...so what if i want go back to my home town??
i'm doing my foundation studies here..at tanjong mas,pengkalan chepa....i learned arabic ammiyah and fushah...guess what?after i got my spm result,i promise to my self that i might not take any arabis as one of my maddah...but!ALLAH have said in quran,(maksudnya)"it might be you like something but its actually bad for you,and it might be you hate something but it is actually GOOD for you.."
so,i think this is the way ALLAH want me to know HIM deeply...alhamdulillah,so far my study comes quite easy....hope that ALLAH will always give me this such of strength!amiin~and,as i'm here my father were done with his surgery...worried ma that time!but, ALLAH know the BEST for us....
and i've found that arabic is not that hard even i got C5 for spm...hahaha('SWEeT meMORry")bapak always said that he believe in me....he always motivate me in the way he talk...he never said that i'm s***id even i've failed in mid-term exam last year!!i love YOU so much BAPAK!!he just said that i need to increase my effort...huh~what a very LOVELY father i have!!!

YA ALLAH,berikanlah kelimpahan rahmat KAU keatas ayah ku...berkatilah hidup kedua ibu bapa ku yg sgt berjasa....sYUKran ya RAHMAN YA RAHIM,for my MOM AND