Friday, April 16, 2010

be strong,be strong now...too many,too many problems...

i've found myself crying inside.
alone...and i don't even know why.
thinkin' bout people i missed.maybe...........~
or because i'm not matured enough to bear all these 'cabaran' thingy on my own~
i guess....
ALLAH have said in Holy Quran,

"ALLAH tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dgn kesanggupanya"

(surah al-baqarah:286)

no doubt bout that,so i motivate myself.
hey,you!don't u dare to think that u're the saddest person.
coz,ALLAH always with u.with us.with the people u love.
for the sake of them,i need to be strong!yeah!!!go...go~~!!
ALLAH,help me Us pliss....
give us strength and patience~
to go through all these ujian...

p/s: its NOT me actually...~ coz BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY la....huhu ^.^


Anonymous said...

Allah bersama orang2 yang sabar..
mujahadah itu pahit..
jalan perjuangan itu perlukan banyak pengorbanan..
kalau senang je,tak namanya perjuangan!!

p/s:de pape,gitau ye..x sempat k.mie nak datang the best untuk imtihan!!

.n.a.k. said...

salam, dear~
Aiman, rasa cam nak peluk aiman je skrg...
Takpe2... I can see how problems can lead us to return to Allah..(see!! u seek for strength from Allah..)
but suppose, even when we are strong, the strength should be even more because the strength of Iman will tell us that He is the One who gives us the strength...
Be strong, eman~
Seek from Him and find effective ways to help us to be consistent in action a.k.a istiqamah
insyaAllah.. together ye sayang~