Tuesday, April 06, 2010

hello my beautiful !!

i wish i could see this beautiful face when i open my eyes...

but i know i just can't...
so,i hope ALLAH will let us meet again another time...

i do really miss you...damn much...!!huh~tak terkata...
and today(waktu malaysia,12.00 a.m) is your birthday!!huhu
i remember tau~~~ ^.^ *wink2*
heyy,you!you la,,,you're beautiful~~

may ALLAH bless you.
may ALLAH give you strength.
semoga iman mu bertambah dgn bertambah nya usia ni...
take care!! nanti kte jumpe lg ye~~~huhu
salam 'alaiki ^.^
my beautiful friend ever...

p/s: nnt hadiah lain kali ya babeh!! ^_~


nanie-koomson said...


hoi kau buat aku nak nangis.

imyou tooo. study elok2 and balik jadi doctor okie.

i'll wait for you.

thnks for everything ((: